You can have any style or join different tribes, but at least once in your life you will have to own a suit. The piece of men's clothing conveys elegance and cannot be compared to any outfit. He separates the boys from the men, his style (classical, modern or traditional) is evident and it is necessary to eat well so as not to make a fuss.

Are you thinking about buying a suit but don't know which color to choose? I selected some elegant models from the Acemenswear store.
There are times when no outfit can replace a well-tailored suit. When you want to make a good impression, he is your best companion. Examples? Want a wedding suit. An award ceremony. A meeting with the upper echelons of the company, a prom suit. And so on. But how to choose the ideal look, when you have little — or even no — experience with this type of outfit?


The navy blue suit is the most versatile model. It should be dark enough to convey an image of seriousness. By making this choice, you will be a symbol of elegance wherever you go, from a sophisticated wedding to a job interview. It works equally well with brown or black shoes. Remembering that the leather of the belt, if you use it, must match the leather of the shoe. The same rule applies to the watch.


The best alternative to navy blue is the dark gray suit, an elegant option and quite flexible as well. An advantage of this model is that, in Brazil, few men use it compared to Europe or the United States. So you'll stand out — just right — wherever you are. The shoe can also be brown or black.


Do you already have a navy blue suit and a gray one? So your third purchase (ideally) should be repeating one of these colors, but now with a pattern. So you will have a more daring option in the closet for when you want to get out of the conventional. Remembering that the smoother the texture, the more formal the suit will be.


Well, gentlemen. Did you miss the black suit? He really didn't make our list. Because? Some reasons. First of all, it is the most serious of them all, which limits the usage options. In the case of navy blue or gray, you can easily wear them in a more casual way. For example, with just the jacket playing the role of a blazer. Or pants and shirt alone. These looks don't work as well with the color black, due to its more formal look.

Another issue is that, in Brazil, practically everyone has a black suit in their closet. Especially men 35 or 40 years old and up. So by betting on navy blue and gray, you will be able to stand out more in the environment you are in.

Still in this matter of seriousness, the black suit is culturally closely linked to working hours, especially in more traditional professions, such as law or public management. So it can be a good choice for important meetings. But for the day to day of the company (as well as parties and events) it is not the best option.

That said, the black suit is a menswear classic. So if you want to buy one, there's nothing wrong with that. Just remember to choose a slim model, with a perfect fit on your body, to modernize the look. Because if there's fabric left over somewhere, your look will look very outdated. When you're in a black suit, there's not much room for error.

One last piece of advice? The fit of the suit on your body is just as important as the color of it. (Or even more.) In general, stores offer a fitting service when you buy a suit. Never skip this step. And, if the brand doesn't have its own tailor, take your suit to a professional you trust. It makes a huge difference, believe me.

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