As I have already presented to you, SpotoClub is a leader in training agencies for online certification. We offer a variety of IT exam products, including Cisco Ccna, Ccnp, Ccie, Cissp, Cisa, Oracle, Redhat Linux and other certifications. Now, SPOTO has served more than 20 million customers.

One of the best ways to promote your IT career is to obtain Microsoft certification online. Whether you work as an IT professional, analyst, developer, system administrator or database (or want to work), Microsoft certification can help you prove your skills and increase your chances of being hired or promoted.

Microsoft offers many certifications and, although the Microsoft training department has recently made changes to simplify certification paths and categories, some students still find it difficult to decide which method to follow and which certification to pursue.

Anyone interested in a career in cloud computing should check the certificate provided by Microsoft.

Why should I learn Microsoft?

Microsoft certification offers professional advantages in providing evidence of global recognition and industry recognition for mastering digital and cloud business skills.

Earning Microsoft certification is an excellent way to prove your experience, demonstrate your skills and enhance your IT career. According to surveys, Microsoft certified professionals:

Stand out after verification and certified employees have a greater recognition of skills.

Earn more - 23% of Microsoft certified technicians earn a maximum of 20%.

Advanced-49% believe that cloud certification can improve employability.

After obtaining the certificate, 67% of technical professionals said they were more confident in their workability, 41% said that job satisfaction improved and 35% had an increase in salary or salary. The value of Pearson VUE IT certification in 2018.

 Microsoft certified specialists have obtained market-related skills recognized and respected by employers.

Obtaining the latest Microsoft certification proves that you have the latest version from Microsoft.

Passed the Microsoft certification exam to demonstrate advanced technical problem-solving skills.

Microsoft certification helps you stand out from the competition in IT positions.

The investment of time and resources to obtain Microsoft certification proves your professional dedication.

 MCP has access to a large global community of certified professionals, including

Networking opportunities, conferences, meetings, training courses and special events.

 Microsoft certified specialists can access exclusive online career development resources, including:

Microsoft Transcript Tool-Share password-protected transcripts with hiring managers and employers.

Microsoft Certificate Manager - create, download and print custom IT achievement certificates.

 Logo generator - create a custom logo to highlight your brand and highlight your Microsoft certification.

Take your practical Microsoft certification test now.

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