Nothing better than comfortable sleeping to have a great income in the day-to-day. In addition to an airy bedroom and a good mattress we also count with our beloved pajamas or sweaters and the bedding. Silk pieces are so comfortable is not even, silk is a fabric with lightness, movement and elegance, I wish to times a bedding of that same fabric.

I met the FreedomSilk store and i come from you.

Luxurious silk bed linen, available in various colors, from black to blue, but my favorite is white. Haaa also has for the different sizes of beds ranging from the king to the twin call.

Now the comfortable silk pajamas that we find from the most basic to the prints, but never lose elegance. Also available in all sizes from S to XXL.

Also the sensual silk sweaters but that do not leave comfort aside. In various sizes and colors, choose the one that catches your eye.

Frete grátis para pedidos acima de US $ 40

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