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Pickedresses.com is an online dress shop that offers a wide variety of high quality chic dresses. But I tell you, these are not the typical dresses you would find. They know what's latest in the market. They know what's in and out. So as a style maven, they are now promoting a different take on your prom outfit. Gone are the days when ball gowns and long dresses rule the trend. These days, ladies prefer short prom dresses over the long and bulky ones because they find it hard to move with them. But with a short length, it will be so much easier for them to walk around... and even dance with their dates. Plus, short dresses tend to show more of your body's shape. So all you have to do is choose a dress, wear it, and flaunt it!

At the store you have from Montreal Prom Dresses and Vancouver Prom Dresses to choose from. I am absolutely passionate about the design and the colors, which makes me want to go back in time and would like to meet them sooner.

To those who opt for a dainty and ethereal look, the three dresses below are just perfect for you. It's hard to pick the prettiest dress here but I'd have to go for the Mermaid dress because it's really my style.

Make sure to visit www.pickedresses.com for more designs and awesome prom dress choices. 

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