Curvy Faja


Modelers make the looks even more harmonious with discreet underwear, in addition to slightly enhancing the curves of the waist and hips, today I come to introduce you to Curvy-Faja.

Curvy-faja is known for its continued advocacy of body positivity and manufacturing shapewear to flatter all body types and sizes. We firmly believe that women deserve power and absolute control over their bodies, confidence and what they choose to wear. Whether it's a pair of six-inch high heels or shapewear to help her feel on top of the world.

Curvy waist trainer. Includes 4 snap fasteners.

Post-operative support, abdominal hernia support to promote good posture, improve circulation, retain heat and improve blood flow, for back support and joint and muscle protection.

Faja Body Shaper models your body, reduces measurements and corrects your posture. It does not mark on clothes and is super comfortable. Suitable for any occasions: Postpartum, Wedding, Gym, Club, Party, Custom Cosplay, Christmas. Any occasion you want to look more elegant. Our body shaper bodysuit is soft enough to wear all day and in all seasons.

Faja shorts high-waisted compression shorts adopt seamless one-piece molding technology in the abdomen and hip areas. It can not only provide firm control over the entire belly, but also cover and lightly lift the entire buttock, making your hips look sexy.

You have the power to be exactly who you want to be and look the part. Curvy-faja is your secret weapon for any occasion.

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