Which Disposable Gloves Will Protect You


 Latex Gloves

These gloves are extremely popular in the medical and healthcare sector. Our Latex Gloves are medical grade. Despite the many types of gloves that are in the market today, they are still one of the most popular. Designed for maximum flexibility and comfort, these gloves are made from durable material, providing you with a high level of protection when working with bodily fluids or chemicals in a laboratory.

We provide a vast selection of premium glove products, including black latex gloves, powdered and non-powdered disposable latex gloves.

Nitrile Gloves

Disposable nitrile gloves can provide a great alternative to latex gloves. They provide you with an option if you suffer from allergies to latex gloves, so you can go about your job in comfort. Much like the latex gloves, these gloves are durable and offer resistance to chemicals. Nitrile Gloves are particularly popular in the medical profession because of their elasticity, which will keep your hands dexterous. They also resist water absorption, making them incredibly convenient for anyone working in a damp environment.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are the low cost non-latex option. These gloves are powder free and extremely popular. Although they may not be practical for the medical profession, they have their uses in the domestic care, food preparation and cleaning markets. For example, they can be used in household clean up tasks and light industrial work. It is also recommended that vinyl gloves are used when handling raw meat. These gloves can provide protection to things that might cause illness or skin breakout and above all, they are hygienic.

Cut Resistant Gloves

Our cut resistant gloves are designed to prevent injury to your hands when they come into contact with sharp edges. The shell of cut resistant gloves utilise different kinds of material in order to maximize your protection against cuts. The combination of the thick shell and underlying padding absorbs the thrust of sharp edges which will minimize the amount of physical harm resulting from the puncture. If you are working in the industrial sector then our cut resistant gloves may be of value to you. In our industrial gloves section we have glass fibre and yarn nitrile cut resistant gloves.

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