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Whether for functionality or simply for convenience, some homes are opting to put a seat in the folding shower seats.
In many shower cabins, the seats come incorporated and form part of the whirlpool system. Surely a massage would come in handy after a long day of work. But the seats were also designed for the elderly or with mobility problem.
This way everyone can bathe without fear of falling in the shower and besides being totally independent.

To place a seat in the bathroom it is necessary to take into account the following indications:

 Choose a seat made of antibacterial and anti-slip material. Also, make sure that it is a seat that will hold a lot of weight, especially if there are people with a lot of weight at home.
 The seat should be bolted to the wall with stainless steel screws, making sure that it is properly positioned as far as it will go.
 Speaking of safety, it is necessary to put some bars of support so that the users can hold up well. It is also necessary to put some two shelves to put all the necessary things in the bath and that are at a suitable height to be within reach of all.
Remember that these seats are intended for dependents and for those who want to enjoy sitting in their shower.

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