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Crop tops exemplify fashion resilience. Case in point: They majorly worked it out in the 1980s cult classic Flashdance; they showed off Madonna’s washboard abs time and time again; and they regularly clothed (we use the term loosely) our favorite teen idols Britney, Christina, and the Spice Girls. Then they disappeared for a while, probably off to vacation in Tulum like the rest of the world.
But now, the crop top is back.
When the sea of crop tops initially reappeared, we wondered: Did a perpetrator come in and hack off the bottoms of every shirt in this store? Isn’t it too revealing to show so much skin? We felt slightly aghast, a little shy, but all the while: curious. Could we pull off this trend, too?

Who does not love top cropped? I was wishing many of the store.

Visit and check all parts.

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  1. Todos os cropped são lindo mais me apaixonei pelo terceiro que lindo esse trançado!

    Postagem nova no blog vem conferir \o/

    Blog Resenhas da Pam


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